28 Day Fall back Health Hack

28 Day Fall back Health Hack

Challenge Details

Ok, ok, OK!  The big news is here!  

We have been working behind the scenes for months to bring this program to you and we are now ready to roll it out to you!

We will be hosting a 28-Day Fall Back Health Hack beginning September 30. 

You will give your body a fat burning boost AND melt away that unwanted fat around the middle.  

To do it, you'll do four things:

1.  follow the plan

2.  work out 

3.  have fun

4.  get results

The meal plans will make it easy for you to cycle your carbs in a way that efficiently loses body fat and helps you implement healthy habits along the way.  

You'll be using Arbonne products, and let us tell you why:

In the supplement world, there is little to no regulation -  what is put on packaging OR inside.  Arbonne not only is clean and high-quality, the products actually work.  

Formulated by Dr. Peter Matravers and our Board of Directors, they make sure the supplements do what they say they will, AND are also great tasting, highly digestible, and readily absorbed.  

Dr. Matravers holds a Doctor of Pharmacy degree and has more than 30 years of experience, including 13 years as VP of Research & Development at Aveda, and 8 years at Neutrogena.

Holding numerous domestic and international patents, he uses cutting edge technology along with a blend of western science and Chinese/Ayurvedic influences to create products that perform. 

He uses his strong cultural background drawing from indigenous wisdom rooted closer to the earth along with his education in biological, biochemical, and medical engineering to bring together the best of science and nature for Arbonne's products.

Arbonne is transparent in all they do. In fact, they rely on a rotating Board of Advisors comprised of leading professionals in science, health, wellness, nutrition, and medicine.  

One of the things we appreciate about this is that there are always new perspectives being brought into play so that no single voice becomes dominant, and holistic health is kept at the forefront.

Arbonne products are NOT sold in stores, largely due to this philosophy: Arbonne believes EVERYONE should have the opportunity to live a healthier and happier life.  How does this relate?  

Well, it's because large companies generally care more about profit than people, and as mentioned before, the loose regulations in the industry make for cheap supplements that actually can cause more damage than help.  

Arbonne allows us to distribute their products because we, as privately operating trainers and owners, have the well-being of our clients as our priority and are taking care of our client’s needs when it comes to

nutrition and training. The supplement stores are NOT - so it makes sense that coaches and owners handle supplementation needs as well.  

The challenge is FREE for members , and $49 for non-members with all classes included!  

That's right, your FRIENDS can come work out with us for $49 during these 28 days if they are part of the challenge!! 🤩

Can you even believe it??  (p.s If you don't refer your friends for this, you must not even like kittens.)

What do you get???
 1. Unlimited CrossFit Classes
 2. 1 Weekly Belly Fat Blast Ab Workout (provided on CFTC Family FB page)
 3. Meal plans, recipes, and RESULTS

4. Two individualized nutrition sessions with either Ben or Elisa

5.  A coach working with you the entire 28 days to maximize your success

Over $500 in value for FREE - (or $49 for your friends)!!

 Here are the details of the challenge.
 ● Registration runs between September 20th thru September 26th
 ● Weigh Ins/Measurements: Sept 28th (10:30a-11:30a), OR Sep 29th (9am-12p)
 ● Duration: Sept 30th to Oct 27th

● Final Weigh Outs:  Oct. 26th (10:30a-12:30p), OR Oct. 27th (9a-12p)

Will there be winners?  YES!  In three categories:

Category 1:  most pounds or body fat % lost

Category 2:  highest points recorded over the 28 days

Spirit Award:  person who encourages, comments, participates, and embodies community

What will you win??  Winners will win either the:

  • Ultimate Transformation Package (valued at $525), or 
  • 6-Weeks of Personalized Nutrition & Accountability Coaching (valued at $599), or a
  • 6-Week Challenge (valued at $599)

How do you gain points?

  • checking in on Facebook each time you work out
  • logging your sleep hours
  • logging your water intake
  • working out 3x/week
  • following the meal plan daily
  • tracking your steps
  • posting selfies with your supplements with hashtags
  • and more!

Again, we are so grateful for this opportunity with you, and we cannot express how amazing these supplements are and how they are going to give you the absolute EDGE in your journey to weight loss, strength, endurance, and VITALITY! Not to mention help you CRUSH this challenge!

We love you guys so much and it feels so good to be able to add value to your lives by giving you the BEST!

 See you soon,
 Ben & Elisa

 P .S.
 You can choose between 20-44% off retail prices, and so can your friends.
 If you want to learn more about the challenge, or are ready to sign up, click HERE to schedule your appointment.

We love you guys!

Ben & Elisa

Daily Goals


8000 Step Count

Okay, so part of the challenge is going to be getting to 5000-8000 steps per day and you will be scoring 1 point for each day that you achieve this goal.  If we have running in the workouts then I would recommend that you make it in that day.  You must provide proof of your accomplishment via a Pic of the device that you used.  

5000 Steps = 1 point
6000 Steps = 2 points
7000 Steps = 3 point
8000 Steps = 4 points


7 Hours of Sleep

Sleeping is a fundamental part of your fitness recovery journey as well as overall health.  We will be rewarding 1 point for each day that you get 7 hours + of sleep per night.  This will be the honor system so please scouts honor on this.  

Meal Plan ONLY :)

With this challenge you will be given a list of foods that you can eat off of.  If you ONLY eat foods off of this food list then you get 10 point.  If you use food off of the list you lose all the points for that day, there are no partial points :)

If you are using this challenge for weight loss then we want you to begin getting used to using your diet for weight-loss and not your exercise.  Exercising is for wellness and food is for weight-loss.

Facebook Check In

There will be a point for each check in (even if you don't workout at the gym that day).  A walk at home and a check in at CrossFit Triple City can still count.  


Eat at least 1 serving of veggies every meal.

High Fives

We are all about making this fun and competitive, but most importantly, competitively fun :) We want you to slap hands with at least 5 people each class and for doing that we will give you 2 points for that day.  If you hate fun slap hands anyways and get your point :) 

Drank 1/2 Body Weight in water

You are eating a whole lot of meat and veggies and we want your system to be working properly.  If you drink 1/2 your body weight in water then you get 1 Point for the day.

Supplement Selfies

If you are taking Arbonne Supplements we encourage you to take a selfie drinking them and posting #28dayflashbackhealthhack  and #crossfittriplecity.  This is worth 1 point per day using the supplements.

Weekly Goals



Earn all 9 points each week for attending 3 or more classes at the gym.  We WANT a full house :)

Completion Based Goals



Grab a partner and do 100 burpees together and get an extra 20 Points

200 Calorie Row

Grab a partner and Row for 200 calories and get an extra 30 Points each :)


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28 Day Fall back Health Hack

Dates: Sept. 30, 2019 - Oct. 27, 2019

Reg Deadline: Oct. 1, 2019

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