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Benjamin Pool

“I happened upon the CrossFit main page in 2002 while in the Air Force and was hooked immediately. Using CrossFit as a training tool, I ran my first marathon – wearing combat boots, BDU pants, and a 35 pound Ruck-Sack!

My certifications include: CrossFit Level One Certificate, CrossFit Level Two Certificate, CrossFit Endurance Running Coach, and Certified Personal Trainer through NCSF. I believe deeply in positive motivation, and love inspiring members to push past their comfort zones. My fellow CrossFit devotee/wife Elisa and I have two kids: son Michael and daughter Athena.”

Elisa Pool

“I began CrossFit about one month after my father was killed unexpectedly. I had been a “gym rat” until that time, and the thought of going back to the gym was both overwhelming and unappealing. Even though I was intimidated, I tried a CrossFit class and loved it. CrossFit provided what I didn’t know I needed: a place where I didn’t have to think, a way to exert my sorrow physically, and a community to embrace me. The fact that it also allowed me to get in the best shape of my life AND empower my mind and body was an added bonus.

My certifications include CrossFit Level One, CrossFit Level Two, CrossFit Kids, and Precision Nutrition Level 1. Now, years later, CrossFit remains a place where I can find a community and progress towards my best self. I have a heart for helping moms regain strength after childbirth – even years later! I am extremely passionate about meeting people in their current space and providing a safe place to progress in mind, body, and spirit.”

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